Wholesale Clothing USA: How To Get Started?

Wholesale Clothing USA: How To Get Started?

Starting a business selling clothes is not easy, but with the right motivation and information, it's easy to know where and how to get started. The wholesale clothing usa supplier you choose can also make things easier for you.

Sort out the legal aspect

Every country is governed by its own business laws. Having basic understanding of the law is the minimum requirement before getting into the wholesale clothing business. You need to ask the right questions on the steps to take in setting up a business. Get all the necessary permits and licenses to buy and sell products. Also sort out the tax aspects to ensure you won't be defaulting or unintentionally breaking any law.

Search for wholesale clothing suppliers

With the legal work all sorted out, the next step is to make a comprehensive list of all the possible wholesale clothing suppliers you can find. You'll need to narrow them down to the best by vetting each and every one of them.

There's always the option of buying from domestic wholesale suppliers or buying overseas. Each has its advantages and possible drawbacks.

Buying from domestic wholesale suppliers gives you the advantage of shorter shipping times and maybe elimination of language barrier problems. The drawbacks of using domestic wholesale suppliers is that you have a shorter range of options to choose from and they are usually more expensive.

On the other hand, buying from overseas wholesale suppliers means you have a longer shipping time (although it can always be fast-tracked with expensive couriers). The advantage of this option actually outweighs the drawbacks. Overseas wholesale suppliers have a far wider range of clothing options than domestic suppliers ever have. Then when you factor in the difference in price and pricing options, you're better off choosing overseas wholesale suppliers to save cost for your budding business.

When you're decided on which option to choose, make a list of all the buyers you want.

Tips on how to choose a wholesale clothing supplier

With a compiled list of suppliers, use these factors to narrow them down to one.

Experience and reputation

Since you're just starting out as a new business owner, you should only rely on working with established wholesale suppliers. Look out for reviews and testimonials. Check to see if they supply the quality of clothing as they advertise.


What's the minimum order quantity that they offer? As a new business, it's not advisable to purchase too many quantities until you're certain you've established a good customer base. If the MOQ is too high, move on to a supplier offering lower quantities. Also, ask if they send sample products. Top suppliers are always willing to send over samples as long as you cover the shipping cost.


The whole point of buying wholesale clothing is getting better price deals. Ask for discounts, if possible. Look for suppliers willing to reduce their price. Whatever you do, save as much money as you can without compromising on quality.


Starting a business is the first step to growing it. A lot can go wrong if the right foundation is not taken. You need to find wholesale clothing suppliers that can guarantee you quality clothes, better MOQ, price, payment options, and shipping. With these steps, you should have a good idea of how to get started in the wholesale clothing business. Just remember to stay motivated and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to help improve your business.