What Qualities Do You Get in A Vaporesso Pod System?

What Qualities Do You Get in A Vaporesso Pod System?

Modern vaping has broken all boundaries and challenged the phrase which says that the sky is the limit. There has been so much introduced in the world of vaping, from secure technology to smart technology. Every vaping brand is trying to enter the race of modernization by giving the customers the best they can.

Among all these brands, vaporesso has emerged and is winning these races by making the best pod systems with the most advanced tech and materials. The vaporesso pod system provides many exceptional qualities in its vapes. Read the article below to know all about them!

Multiple color options

Options are essential in life. Vaporesso pod systems offered its users multiple color options. You can choose from shiny silver, charcoal grey, royal red, pitch black, sky blue, weed green, and lilac purple. All these colors have been selected very carefully to cater to the need of every vaper out there. Every colored vape will be in contrast with an aesthetic black which will be featured on the base of the tank and the upper mouthpiece. So, it doesn't matter what color you like; there is everything for every gender and age.

Attractive body design

Vaporesso manufactures only designs which are trendy and stylish. The vape pod is one of the most stylish and compact designs. Its body is made up of crystal explicit but strong material. Since it's a small device and can easily slip through your hands and pockets, top-notch material is used on the body to make it durable, sturdy, and less susceptible to breakage. In addition, to avoid daily abrasion and scratches, a coating of three layers is done. This device passed the 1000 times abrasion test.

Minimalistic style

It’s an era where minimalism is the new aesthetic. Anything crowded and chunky are just not in style nor appreciated. That's why vaporesso pod systems provide a minimalistic design to attract their customers. The whole body is made up of transparent plastic, whereas the upper part of the tank features aluminum. A minimalistic clicky button is placed on top of this, which starts and switches off the vape. At the back of the body, a cool while Luxe X text is printed, and onto the metal part, a simple v is engraved representing Vaporesso.

Leak resistant technology

Vaporesso uses advanced anti-leakage technology, which allows the liquid inside the pod tank to stay there safely. Most of the time, with many vapes, the pod comes loose, messing up the whole thing and wasting the expensive e-juice. With the help of this SSS Anti-leak technology which comes with an in-built coil, the insides are locked, and the chances of leakage are reduced to the minimum.

Axon chip

The Vaporesso pods are brilliant and know what the users are expecting from this device. A smart axon chip is used in making this pod system. The primary function of this chip is to set the correct wattage for the user whenever they use a temperature control coil. The only thing the user has to do is set the temperature they want. It sets the wattage of the pod after sensing the resistance so that the user does not put it so high. It is the best device for new vapers who are not familiar with how the wattage in a pod works.


Besides the above-stated qualities provided by the Vaporesso pod system, there are many other exceptional qualities and features too. All these devices are very long-lasting and can bear extreme wear and tear. You can also get options to customize specific elements like drip tips and more. Grab one of these for yourself too.