What Are the Precautions When Handling Am Automotive Jump Starter?

What Are the Precautions When Handling Am Automotive Jump Starter?

Jump starters are a must-have for any auto dealership, automotive garage, fleet service facilities, and towing operations. They are also ideal for DIY experts. Jump Starters like the jnc660 now sold at fair prices at OSIAS are incredibly powerful and can deliver several jumps in one charge. If you wonder if the automotive jump starter is worth your money, then the truth is you are about to make the best decision for you and your business. But that is not enough; after you make a purchase, you must know the best way to handle them.

A simple guide on how to handle an automotive jump starter

A jump starter is versatile, portable, and powerful. The best jump starters available in the market can handle adverse conditions like several jump starts and very cold weather. The powerfulness of the equipment ensures that knowing how to handle it is a must. Here is a simple guide to help you run it efficiently while protecting yourself.

Wear eye protection and protective clothing

Eye injuries are accountable for about three in five battery-related injuries. Thus, protecting your eyes should be among your top priorities. A car's batteries can explode or discharge electricity, leading to a severe eye injury. When jump-starting your car, you must wear eye protection. The eye protection will reduce the chances of a catastrophic event when you jump-start your car. Apart from eye protection, protective clothing is also essential when operating a vehicle.

Do not place your face near your battery

It may seem an obvious precaution, but most people do not heed it. Your face is one of the vulnerable areas that you should protect when jump-starting the car. Make sure it is nowhere near the battery as you work on it. This ensures there are no inconveniences on your face in case any unexpected thing happens. It is rare for such occurrences to happen, but you can do something to minimize the damages or dangers in case of being ignorant.

Turn the vehicle off

Before you begin the jump-starting process, ensure that electronic appliances, GPS, light, and the radio are off. For safety purposes, ensure that you remove the key from the ignition and that the car is completely off to prevent unnecessary injuries. Also, double-check that everything is off before you start jump-starting. It is always better to be safe than sorry in the end. Some people assume this step, but it is always worth prioritizing.

Remove jewelry

Most jewelry consists of conductive materials, like metal. If they get near a battery terminal, they can pull charge, leading to shock, and that is not something you will want at that time. Safety should always be the first thing that comes to mind when operating a jump starter. Make sure to remove all your jewelry before jump-starting to prevent accidents.


An automotive jump starter is a piece of essential equipment for jump-starting a car. One must not handle the equipment carelessly as it could lead to accidents such as shock. Thus, it would be best to use the necessary precautions to prevent accidents.