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The Different Hair Types Used To Make Wigs

by timothyon
Hair Types Used To Make Wigs

If you have been wearing wigs for a while, you will realize that different hairs will work differently for you. For example, getting a ginger wig will only suit you if you get it in the right hair type. Since there are so many hair types in the market, knowing which one you are looking at will ensure you make the right decision for the hair you pick. Here are some pointers that will come in handy to learn more about hair types used on wigs.

1. Synthetic hair

One of the most common hair types used to make wigs has is synthetic hair. This is because they are cheap to outsource and generally easy to maintain. The common type of synthetic hair used is kanekalon. You can also find some companies using PVC, polyester, and acrylic. Although they look more or less the same, they have slight differences. The lower quality synthetics are shinier and have a plastic-like look to them. The best quality of synthetic hair is kanekalon, and it is the most human hair-like synthetic. If you start your wig journey, buying synthetic hair wigs makes sense because they feel real and can even be styled to your liking.

2. Human hair

Over the years, companies realized that the only way to make realistic wigs that looks like natural hair is by using actual human hair. The biggest perk of human hair is, it can be styled and even dyed without an issue. It also lasts longer when you compare it to synthetic hair types. There was a conversation in the past on how these hairs were sourced, which brought up a huge debate.

However, many mainstream companies have gone the extra mile to ensure that the hair they use comes from consenting people and that they are well compensated. Due to the long, laborious process of outsourcing the hair, you will get the wigs at a higher price. Here are some of the natural hairs used when making these wigs.

1. Brazilian hair

Brazilian is the most sought-after hair with good cause. It is affordable and yet has all the fantastic qualities of natural hair. The one thing that makes it stand out is how bouncy and shiny it is. Many people also find styling it easier.

2. Peruvian Hair

The other common hair in the market is Peruvian hair. If you love lightweight hair, then this is what you should go for. It is mostly recommended for someone transiting into wigs because you will not feel its weight on your head.

3. Malaysian hair

One of the things everyone can agree on when it comes to Malaysian hair is how lustrous and sleek it is. It is the perfect hair type if you live in humid areas. You can style and maintain by using the right hair products.

Last words

While this list is not exhaustive, it shows you how many options you have when buying your wigs. Take your time and go through the various options before settling on a wig that will work for you and your needs.

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