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The Best Cleaning Tools for Hardwood Floors

by timothyon

Hardwood floors are not quite difficult to care for despite their tough outlook. Although, they require regular cleaning, just like every other indoor floor, to ensure durability and enhance appearance.

All floors are prone to get stained one way or the other. It could be due to spilling of liquid, dirt from outdoors, piling of dust, etc. Hardwood floors are not resistant to all these, so they tend to be soiled as much as others.

On the bright side, no matter how stained your hardwood floors are, they are very easy to clean up, provided that you use the right tools and methods. There are many cleaning tools for hardwood floors that have been proven to do the job efficiently, but this depends on how tough those stains are.

Hardwood floors are made of certain properties that may not be compatible with some components of the cleaning tools. Using such cleaning tools will hurt the floor rather than the expected positive result. So, it would help if you carried out a bit of research when making your choices.

Highlighted below are five cleaning tools for hardwood floors that every home should have for indoor upkeep.

3 Essential Cleaning Tools for Hardwood Floors

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuums are great cleaning tools for hardwood floors as they get rid of coarse dirt without much stress. Also, they save you the hassle of washing the floors by hand. It can be used on both dry and wet floor stains; though different types have different purposes.

An elite vacuum cleaner that works for all floors, including hardwood floors, is tineco ifloor 3. This tool is noiseless, hands-free, and pretty light in weight. It doesn’t leave any residue odor after cleanup, although using its own solution (Tineco) with the vacuum cleaner is advisable to prevent damage.

Hardwood floor cleaners

Without using a cleaner, you cannot carry out any cleaning task on your hardwood floors. And this shouldn’t be just any cleaner, but the right one for wooden floors, which won’t dull the floors’ shine, as vinegar would.

There are many suitable choices; all you need to watch out for is how quickly the residues can be gotten rid of and their constituents. Note that, when using a cleaner, the lesser, the better. This means you should not overuse the product so as not to cause damages to the hardwood floor.

Floor mops

Another one of the essential cleaning tools for hardwood floors is the floor mops. Unlike vacuum cleaners, mops can easily be navigated around and under furniture, but they are not as effective in cleaning as vacuum cleaners.

There are electric, battery-operated, and non-electric ones. Both are reliable, but the electric ones and most battery-operated ones tend to get the job done faster. It is advisable to purchase a very absorbable mop pad of high quality.


After going through this article, you’ll find that hardwood floors don’t require many tools in cleaning; you need the three essential ones. With the ones listed above, you are good to go in cleaning your hardwood floors at home.

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