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Easy Style Transformation of Honey Blonde Lace Front Wig

by timothyon
Honey blonde lace front wig 

It happens many times that you keep wearing the same curly or straight style of a honey blonde lace front wig for quite some time, and then you get bored. It’s when you start looking for a change and think of buying another wig. Instead of buying a brand new wig, you can alter the style and pattern of your human hair wig. 

Do you want to know how? Continue readily to explore more.

Changing Curling Pattern of your Wig

There is no need to wear the same curly hairstyle wig at every other party when you can have an instant transformation with another style.

Adding Volume to Curls with a Comb

 You don’t need to put your wig on harm by completely changing its style from curls to straight. Instead, a better idea here is to make a slight change that looks big. In other words, add more volume. You don’t have to do much but grab a wide-tooth comb. Start combing your curls gently. Take one section at a time and comb from the bottom up. You can have a voluminous curly hairstyle by following this method.

Adding Volume to Curls with a Twist

 Another method that will enhance the beauty of your existing curly Honey blonde lace front wig is twisted. Apply leave-in conditioner on your curls. Section your hair in more than six parts, and then start to twist every section. You can blow dry your curls to set this twist. If you want to go without heating tools, cover all twists with a silk scarf and then air-dry them overnight. Once your twist gets dry, use your finger to unravel every twist. 

Flat Look – Complete Change

Although it’s not advisable to completely straighten your curly blonde lace front wig, you can try this method by all means if you have loose curls. It won’t hurt the beauty of your wigs. Always use a flat iron and apply a heat-protecting serum to avoid heat damage. Start turning loose and bouncy curls into the flat hair section by section. And at the end, you will have a sleek hairstyle to carry around.

Changing Flat Honey blonde lace front wig 

When you are done wearing long straight hair for weeks, it’s good to make a change in your hairstyle. The best idea is to get either loose or tight curls. You will rely on long barrel iron to get long curls, while a small curling wand will help you get some tight curls. If you opt for a loose or tight curly hairstyle, you need to apply a heat-protecting serum before making this change. If you forget about it, it will cost you all the investment you made on the Honey blonde lace front wig.  

It will help if you remain careful while changing straight hair into curls. Make sure that your curling wand isn’t very close to your face; else, you will burn your face. Also, apply a hold-on spray on your ready curls, so you don’t have to use a curling wand every other day.

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