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Specification of Huawei MateBook D14 2020

by timothyon

All about Huawei MateBook D14 2020

Huawei and its subsidiary brand Honor have a rapidly expanding array of laptops. From 13 to 16 inches, most of the laptops feature 16:9 displays, save for the 3:2 aspect MateBook X and X Pro, as well as this review’s standout – the MateBook 14 2020. AND With an Intel Core-i5 or Core-i7, you could have had the matebook d 14 2020  for a while, but the new Ryzen-powered one we have here is far more intriguing.

Design, Quality, and I/O

In terms of design, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 2020 is a high-end laptop. If it’s folded up and stowed away in a bag, it won’t take up much room. Despite its lightweight, it has a noticeable rear-heavy feel it. Then then, you’ll only see this if you open the machine, which isn’t very often. Space Gray is the only color option for the MateBook  D14 2020, primarily built of aluminum (except for some plastic bits around the hinge and the sides).

Huawei has sandblasted the surface for a flawless appearance. Despite the laptop’s slim design, it has a decent number of connectors (15.9mm when closed). An HDMI connector and a USB-C port that can charge at 65W are located on the left side of the device. On the right are two full-sized USB-A ports with USB 3.2 capability.

Display and Sound

Display-wise, it has a 14-inch IPS LCD touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio of 2160x1440px. That final point is critical, as a narrower screen has less surface area than a broader one. A 14-inch that has a larger screen than the HUAWEI Mate Book D 14 2020 is a rarity.

A 15.6-inch 16:9 screen is merely 15 percent smaller than a 15.6-inch 16:9 screen, although the diagonal difference would lead you to anticipate a 24 percent greater surface area on the 15.6-inch one. In addition, the 3:2 aspect ratios are better suited for online surfing, reading lengthy papers, and photo editing, among other tasks. The 16:9 aspect ratios, on the other hand, are preferable for seeing videos.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The HUAWEI Mate Book D 14 2020’s keyboard is by far the greatest of the Huawei models we’ve used so far. It’s the whole width of the machine, so it takes up the entire space. The Honor MagicBook 14’s 14-inch screen has a more squarish shape, allowing more room for your palms beneath the keyboard.

However, the MateBook’s keyboard keys have a somewhat more extended journey and are more solid than those on the MagicBook 14. We used the MateBook 14 2020’s keyboard extensively in our review, and we can say with confidence that it doesn’t grow tiring after a few hours of typing.


Huawei’s laptops HUAWEI Mate Book D 14 have a unique approach to software. Pre-installed with Windows 10 Home are the Huawei PC Manager program, software from AMD and Radeon, and Animi speakers’ software. It manages all of Huawei’s software, laptop components like the fingerprint sensor or the audio, and all drivers built into the system. Finally, quickly and easily checking all the installed drivers and the available driver updates is highly convenient.

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