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A Simple Guide To Find The Best Memory Foam Pillow

by timothyon
Memory foam pillow

Most people get hooked easily after sleeping on the memory foam pillow. It has diverse pillow fillings that guarantee a comfortable sleep. Memory foam pillow is a dense and durable pillow. Additionally, it is manufactured with a polymer commonly referred to as polyurethane. Polyurethane is responsible for molding your spine and neck as you sleep; thus, best used for offering support. The only disadvantage of the memory foam pillow is that it is usually expensive. If you wish to buy the best memory foam pillow for you or your children, a simple buying guide is below.


A simple guide to find the best memory foam pillow

1. Properly tested pillow

If you wish to find the best memory foam pillow, then inquire whether they were tested. The testings can either be done by consumer testers, labs, or support. The testings ensure that the pillows remain in perfect shape after washing. It also ensures that the pillows are quality. Therefore, the best place to get a memory foam pillow is one that has conducted all the research, test, and study and determined that the pillow is sufficient for use.


2. Check on the support they offer

If you have neck pain issues, then the memory foam pillow is ideal for you. Generally, the memory foam pillows are made to be rigid and heavy. It may not be suitable for active sleepers as it may leave them with a claustrophobic feeling. Therefore, the memory foam pillow is best used for people who suffer from neck pains.


3. Memory foam pillow for side sleepers

The position you sleep in is very crucial. The best sleeping position involves your neck, head, and spine aligning. Therefore, when you place your head on your pillow, it should not tilt. The best memory foam pillow for side slippers is usually soft and thin.


4. Memory foam pillow for people who sleep on their backs

The best pillow should be a medium loft pillow for those who sleep on their back. The pillow should not push the head in a forward direction. A forward direction for back sleepers can lead to neck strains. Therefore, the ideal memory foam pillow for back sleepers has a height of either 4 inches or 5 inches. The size is thick to ensure proper spine alignment.


5. Memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers

For stomach sleepers, the ideal memory foam pillow is much flatter. The flat pillow ensures that your head is in a comfortable position as you sleep. Furthermore, the pillow should be firm enough to avoid deep shrinkage. Thus, the best memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers is thin and firm.


6. Check on solid memory foam pillows

Shredded pillows are usually made of fillings that move around. Therefore, if you wish to get a durable and comfortable pillow, solid foam is the best. In comparison to the shredded foam pillow, the solid foam pillow is much firmer and durable.



The best thing about the memory foam pillows is that it offers pillows for everyone. The type you get should depend on your sleeping position and health issue. Thus, if you wish to find the best memory foam pillow, the above will help guide you.

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