Pressure Washing- Do’s and Don'ts

Pressure Washing- Do’s and Don'ts

Pressure washing is not only time but also energy demanding. You can't perform it with absent-mindedness or when you are not feeling well. Complete focus and weather are the most important factors you need to consider.

During pressure washing, there are many things you need to avoid and many to think through. But the most important thing for pressure washing is a superior quality tool, "the pressure washer ."Giraffetools is a brand from where you can get top-notch products related to pressure washing. Make sure to check the official website.

Here we are providing you with a complete list of such factors.

Pressure Washing- Do’s

· Follow the Manual

When you are using the pressure washer the first time, thoroughly read its operation manual to understand its functions and use it properly.

· Get Ready

Before using the pressure washer, prepare yourself physically and mentally. Give concentration to your work. Verify that there is adequate water supply is available to the washer.

· Adjust Spray Angle

Observe and adjust the spray angle of the spray nozzle. This will help you to gain maximum pressure and use it at the correct place.

· Learn Washing Technique

Before using the pressure washer, understand the proper washing technique. Arrange any chemicals that are required for the proper cleaning in the scenario. Otherwise, you won't be able to perform washing and cleaning effectively and properly.

· Accessories Check

Before starting work, check that all the proper accessories are attached to the washer. Also, use the proper chemical or detergent. This will increase your cleaning speed and efficiency and decrease the cleaning effort and time.

· Spacing from Electric Supply

Do check that the nozzle of the washer is at-least 6-feet away from its plug-in electric supply; otherwise, you may get a deadly electric shock.

· Keep Washer Nozzle in Motion

Always keep the pressure nozzle in motion. Mostly sweep motion is used. This will prevent the pressure force from focusing on a particular point.

Pressure Washing- Don’t

· Don’t Underestimate Pressure Washer’s Power

The operation of the pressure washer is based on its High-Pressure Water Throw. So it is a high-power device. It offers speedily movement and high recoil to its user. Thus the user must be able to handle these reactions. One good technique is to start it at low pressure and then slowly increase the pressure.

· Don’t Use Pressure Washer For Every Task.

Do not use the pressure washer for every job and for simple tasks. Also, do not use a different pressure washer for the different jobs, i.e., don't use a car washer for cleaning your dog.

· Don’t Use Pressure Washer at Fragile Places.

Don’t use the pressure washer at fragile places, i.e., delicate areas.

· Don’t Use Harsh Chemical.

Don't use harmful and harsh chemicals everywhere. This will not only damage the washed but also cause chemical pollution.

· Don’t Use Hot Water

Don't use hot water for cleaning purposes with a washer but only on places where it is recommended. Hot water could be harmful to the washer, the washed, and the user itself.

· Don’t Guide Nozzle toward Your Body.

Don't force nozzle towards your or any other person or animal body. The pressure is so dreadful that it can tear your skin apart.

· Don't Keep Nozzle to Close.

Don't keep the nozzle too close to the washed surface. Otherwise, the pressure will get concentrated at a point and will damage the surface, i.e., gouge the wood, dent the metal sheets, Break the glass, etc.

· Don’t Fuel While ON

Don’t fill the fuel when the washer is in ON state. This could ignite the fire.


All the above-mentioned points are recommended for your safety and time-saving. Try not to ignore any of the points; otherwise, you might face serious consequences.