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Huawei’s Fastest and Most Powerful Laptops | 2021 MateBook Series

by timothyon

A computer is defined by its ability to handle very heavy workloads and run demanding applications. This also includes a large storage capacity and superfast RAM. But how would it be possible to tell the power of a laptop?

The power is the relative task you need your laptop for; so whether you are still in school or handling memory-hungry tasks at a workstation. You may need to get the best laptop that matches your field. However, as a human being, you may feel the need to have a powerful laptop even when all you do is school work, but you should remember, all these laptops are priced differently.

So the more power you’ll need, the deeper you will dig your pocket to take the machine with you. At the same time, it’s also not a guarantee that once you have a powerful laptop, it will satiate your power-hungry needs. So you may need to make the right choice before making your final order for the laptop.

Huawei’s Best Selling Powerful Laptops

By mentioning powerful, it doesn’t necessarily mean absolute heavy work. Working with huge files and multitasking simultaneously may need the perfect laptops that run high-resolution videos and different programming tasks. Some of these laptops are;

Huawei MateBook D 15

The latest generation laptops of the MateBook series, including huawei matebook d 15 cena are a part of the most powerful machines. You can get either of these laptops to function based on your needs with acute customization for the exact work.

The laptop is a 10th generation of the MateBook d 15 series running on a Core i5 – 10210U processor. Suppose you are a gamer and are willing to take the risk with a Core i5 processor. In that case, you can install some newest games on the laptop and taste its ability to withstand the high memory and power demand.

Additionally, the laptop comes with a free upgrade to Windows 11 as one of the few latest models. This means it has more power hidden features beneath the sleek metal body and can only be unleashed with its processor boosted with the intel UHD graphics 620. However, this laptop’s processor cannot be compared to the powerful intel core i9 processors that can run different games seamlessly. So when you decide to play any game on the computer you have to know it might have hitches on some games.

 Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020

This is also a 10th gen machine, but with an Intel Core i7 processor backed up with 1TB of storage. It has a 56wh battery with an assurance of up to 15 hours of usage for routine work and 13 hours for video playing.

At times when the computer gets over stacked with lots of internet activities, it tends to stall, but the MateBook X Pro has this assurance of improved high speed for its wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Generally, Huawei’s MateBook series spots acute advancements from the fingerprint unlocks to the hidden camera that guarantees the user’s safety.

You can see many more features at the Huawei consumer store. There you may have the best powerful laptop from the MateBook series at a very affordable price. Check with the store today for any changes in their computers.

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