How to Heating Pool in Winter?

How to Heating Pool in Winter?

People fantasize about warmer days just around the corner when they walk out to their backyard and see a pool covered and closed up for the winter. Are you looking for a solution to keep your pool warm?

The good news is that if certain design factors are taken into account, it isn't simply a pipe dream; it is possible. Are you considering getting a swimming pool water heater and installing it?

In this article, you will come to know how pool water can warm in winter. You will also know working on water heaters and ways to heat pools. Keep reading to find your solution;

Working model of pool water heater 

It's interesting to note that a pool pump heater generates and creates its natural heating system using energy. So, energy is an essential part of heaters. A fan inside the pool pump causes the circulation of warm air, generating this energy.

The warm air moves across an evaporator coil next, where a refrigerant reacts with it. Warm gas is produced as a result of the reaction between the warm air and refrigerant and is then introduced into a compressor. This is the way of creating heat in heaters in pools.

The next question is what are the methods to introduce heat into your pool?

Ways of heating pool in winter

Here are some ways to heat your pool in the winter season;

1. A Gas Heater

Gas heaters heat your pool using natural gas. No matter what the daytime air temperature in your city is, the heater will use gas to heat the water. Heat pumps are less efficient than gas heaters. However, this comes at a price. Gas heaters have high operating costs and poor energy efficiency.

2. Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are an easy way to extend the season where you can utilize your pool. This is an efficient way to keep your collection available for swimming in winter.

3. Heaters for Solar Pools

Solar pool heaters are effective and reasonably priced, and people can use them efficiently. Pumps are used to circulate the pool water through the filter and into the solar collectors, where it is heated. Solar light is used as an energy source to drive these heaters. In this way, these are the most economical option for people.

4. Air-Source Heat Pump 

A heat pump with an air-source is an additional choice for people who want to use them in winter. Due to their affordability and energy efficiency, heat pumps are widely used. Your swimming pool receives heat from the air thanks to air-source heat pumps.

5. Heat Pump with Water Source

Because they make use of novel technology, water-source heat pumps are less well known. Unfortunately, modern heat pumps need lengthy water lines. The installation is also complicated. The heat pump is inexpensive once completed.

Last words 

There is an aesthetic benefit to having your pool open in the winter, even on days when it is too cold to enjoy the pool. If you want to buy an inverter pool heat pump for your collection, you can use Aquark to purchase high-quality and affordable heat pumps.