Geniatech Android TV Box- Next Gadget To Buy

Geniatech Android TV Box- Next Gadget To Buy

The Android TV box is only a smart TV but it has the capability of acquiring the features of a smart TV. However, it can be termed as a kind of streaming device which can be connected to the television for the streaming service. In other words, people can easily use it for watching movies or series from Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos and so on. You can also try to visit website of geniatech to learn more about their latest and upcoming Android TV box projects in the market.

Android TV boxes are very handy and easily accessible devices for those applications which are easily accessible on laptops, phones, tablets or smartphones. The Android TV boxes can connect to a normal TV via the HDMI port.

The above portion of the article is about Android TV boxes and how one can use them. However, the blog will also convey what kind of products one should buy from Geniatech. It is known to everyone that Geniatech is one of the brands which has come up with innovative technologies to lead people in the world of improvement.

Fantastic Products By Geniatech To Consider

This part of the blog will convey all the important and helpful appliances that one can buy from Geniatech. It is the manufacturer of several innovative devices just to keep the multimedia technologies on the tip of our hands.

1. STB (Set-Top Boxes)

Geniatech provides a new generation step-top box which furnishes the customers with high definition picture excellence and audio quality. ATV698D Max/ATV698 Max is a set-top box from Geniatech. This device supports both IPTV/OTT as well as digital signal output. The box has the quad-core Cortex A55 processor support.

2. Android TV Box

ATV496MAX is a high-quality multimedia player. This Android TV box from Geniatech has Dolby AC-4 audio and AV1 video quality. However, this kind of appliance can also be used both in wired or wireless modes.

3. Android Hybrid Box

Geniatech furnishes a high-level Android hybrid box. This device has a low power consumption quality. However, it provides 4K picture quality with mobile support prognosis and multi-scene functioning.

4. Android Box With Android P

The Android box with Android P is a small appliance with a high-performance ability and picture quality. Geniatech provides the Cortex-A55 CPU which has a high power-saving performance.

5. 4K OTT Box

ATV315Y4 is the 4K OTT Box from Geniatech. It has a multi-communication property which has the free app installation property. However, this device has an ultra power-saving ability with amazing video integrity.

6. Android Dongles

ATV195Y2 is the Android Dongle from Geniatech. This device can connect directly to an HDMI TV. The small size of this dongle makes it more worthwhile. However, it also has a low consumption property.

7. 4G-LTE Set Top Box

ATV329A is a TV box which has 4G mode. Along with this it also has the HD standard picture quality. The product is a low-consumption device with free app installation property.

8. Geniatech Android TV Tuner

ATV598Max is the 4K Google Certified Android Set-top Box from Geniatech. This product can be customized according to the conscience of the user.

9. 4K Quad Core Stick

The ATV195X is a high-performance 4K Dongle. It can be used on HDMI TVs. However, it has a customization property with its small size makes it convenient.


The above-mentioned appliances from Geniatech have several unique properties to attract customers worldwide. Moreover, most of the products from this brand have a low power consumption property which is one of the main concern points of everyone. So don't be late and grab your favourite device from the Geniatech.