All About Caliburn Koko Prime Pod Cartridges

All About Caliburn Koko Prime Pod Cartridges

The caliburn koko prime pod is one of the best-selling vape pod kits. It comes with replacement cartridges that have a significant role in the functioning of the pod. Most vapers know that the cartridges need to be part of the pod but have little in-depth knowledge about them. This extract explains all about the Caliburn prime pod cartridges.

Understanding the Caliburn koko prime pod cartridges

Can you tell what Caliburn prime pod cartridges are, how to replace them, and much more in between? Not everyone knows about these basics, and that's why we have come up with this article. Let's now learn.

What is a prime pod cartridge?

It is a disposable vape component with an inbuilt vape coil. If the cartridge has a problem, you cannot remove or replace it, so buying a new pod becomes necessary. The cartridge is one of a prime pod's significant parts and holds oils or liquids.

Refilling or filling the prime pod cartridges

Refilling or filling the prime pod cartridges is pretty different from pods with removable coils. Here's how to do it: Disconnect the cartridge from the Caliburn prime pod, then hold it underneath the drip tip cap. After that, remove the black drip tip cap, applying enough pressure in the upward direction, especially if it's a new cartridge. Here is what follows;

  • Once out, fill the cartridge via the right or left hole and ensure the liquid does not exceed the maximum line indicated. The cartridge has a middle hole that acts as the chimney. Avoid it filling through it as it will cause leakage.
  • For new cartridges, don't use them immediately after filling. Let the rest for at least five minutes; a process called priming. It helps saturate the cotton inside, so the cartridge doesn't burn upon inhalation.

How often can you replace your pod cartridge?

The number of refills you make determines when to change out your cartridge. For regular vapers, the number of times they may need to refill the cartridge is 40. At this point, it's advisable to get a new cartridge to keep the pod functioning efficiently. However, the refills may vary based on the user, so the cartridge replacement period is also different.

How to clean your pod cartridge?

Cleaning isn't always a priority for some vapers since cartridges are relatively cheap. It's easier to purchase a new prime pod; however, cleaning and reusing can save you money.

  • Fill the cartridge with PG e-liquids and cover with a cap.
  • Shake it for a few minutes from side to side and sediments within the cotton, then remove the cap
  • Pour out the components and leave the cartridge upside down to drain all the liquid. A successful process allows you to refill the cartridge with vape juice after some time.


Caliburn koko prime pod is good choices for vapers. The cartridges are among their essential parts as they hold the e-liquid. Above is the process on how to fill or refill them and also how to clean them if necessary. Cleaning is optional, but a new cartridge may be required. Pod cartridges last long, depending on how often you refill them. Lastly, replace them when the lifespan is over for better functioning